Thorpe Park & Derren Brown’s Virtual Reality Ghost Train

Following on from Alton Towers announcement that they will be using VR in a new roller coaster, Thorpe park has now revealed that they have been working with Derren Brown to create a virtual reality ghost train for which users will use HTC Vive VR Headsets:

This is apparently Thorpe Parks’ biggest and investment ever, featuring a train carriage suspended in a giant warehouse and mixing movement with VR, it promises to be an exciting experience.

We’re told that the ride will last between 10 and 15 minutes, there will be multiple perspectives to the experience, so people on the same ride will actually experience different events; including two unique endings. There will also be “live action sequences” (actors?) and “4D effects” (smoke?).

HTC Vive

thorpe park ghost trainApparently the choice was made to use the HTC Vive for the virtual reality ghost train because of the ability for them to work together in a room without interference. This is interesting and suggests that Oculus may have some issues to iron out for same-room use, if indeed it wants to get into this area.

I still have my reservations around putting a headset on my face that has been worn by hundreds of people before me… is that just me being overly sensitive? I can imagine at Thorpe park that kids might have sticky faces from eating sweets and hot dogs all day and sweat and hair gel would get all over the Vive… no? Just me then. I’m really intrigued by Derren Brown’s involvement in this – I am a big fan of his work so potentially I could put up with a sweaty headset to give this a go.

Launch Date

Thorpe Park are aiming to have their virtual reality ghost train open in ‘Spring 2016’, so not long to wait. You can find out more here (the whole site currently features this ride). This seems to be yet another indication that 2016 is the year that VR finally takes of. Hopefully Derren Brown will do more work in this area!

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