Briztech VR Headet Review

Briztech VR Headset

Briztech VR Headset










          • - Very cheap
          • - Easy to put together
          • - A fun way to try VR
          • - Has a button


          • - Build quality is poor
          • - Phone can slide out
          • - You get what you pay for

          Available here, £9.99

          A Cardboard VR headset is a great way to get into VR and this Briztech headset is a good example of that. It comes flat packed and ready for you to fold together – which takes about 5 minutes on your first go. Once it’s clipped in place, you pop your phone inside the front and it is ready to use.

          Briztech Features

          This version has a few useful features – firstly, it has magnets which recognise when your phone is placed inside the headset so it will load the VR experience automatically for you (where the apps you have allow that). Secondly there is a button on the side which is automatically recognised by most phones. Again – this is useful for use within certain apps.


          This is never designed to be a full VR experience, it’s a £10 piece of cardboard which should give you a taste of VR and it does that – with my Galaxy S6 loosely inside, the lenses bring things into focus fairly well, it closes out most of the light from the outside world and I can enjoy getting a ‘feel’ for how VR works. Of course, light leaks in from all over the place, the phone shifts around in there (and even has fallen out onto the floor), the card rips, the glue around one end doesn’t last forever and the whole thing feels like it’s barely doing the job… but, you know what, it just works.

          Good for?

          This is a great £10 gift for someone interested in VR and it is fun. People will love trying it out, but don’t expect to be sitting watching a film or playing games for hours on end – it just won’t work for that.

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