Luna 360 Camera: Crowdfunding For October Release

The Luna 360 Camera is currently generating a lot of coverage on the crowdfunding scene; it’s simply a 360 degree / VR still and video camera, but it’s attracting attention because it promises to make 360 degree / VR photo and video simple and cheap. It is also an interesting design, looking like a golf ball and being waterproof. The intended release is October 2016…although crowdfunded products do have a reputation for slipping on this. Currently you can get one for $300 and that represents a 25% discount on the launch price. The video below shows the product in more detail:

Is the Luna 360 Any Good?

But will it actually be any good? And will it be better than alternatives by the time it comes out? The company boasts about video in ‘Full HD’, but we know that stretched across 360 degrees 1080p video is only good enough for ‘fun’, it’s not going to look great. Coupled with the fact that the sensors on the two lenses are only 5 megapixel each, we are concerned that this camera is not going to offer great quality pictures or videos. It sounds like it will sit somewhere between the Theta M15 and the Theta S in terms of output quality.  This is not terrible, certainly, but why wouldn’t you just pick up a Theta S today rather than wait 9 months for this to come out for around the same price? Certainly by the time this comes out we’ll expect better quality cameras to be available for around the same price, perhaps even an upgraded version from Theta.

So – what reason would you have to get the Luna 360 camera? Well – it’s waterproof, the design is interesting, the magnetic adapter on the bottom is innovative, it’s small and portable. If those things are important to you then perhaps this is an option. I won’t write it off just yet and certainly we’ll follow developments, but at the moment I won’t be committing $300 to reserve one.

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