Facebook’s VR: Why Good 360 Cameras are Vital

Facebook have released a new video which shows how they intend to make Virtual Reality a social experience. Two people don a VR headset (an oculus rift with motion controllers to track their hands) and they magically transport themselves to Westminster Bridge, London. There they take selfies and post their favourite onto facebook. It’s all very sweet and jolly. See the full video of this below:

Now, I think this is great – but not in the way that facebook are thinking about it. Where I would like to use this is to show people my photography. I’d like to let people step into one of my photos with me so that I could talk them through it, I’d also like to show a slide show to family over the other side of the world and let them look around and ask questions – point to landmarks, etc. I think that would be a lovely experience.

All this is possible, today, with the 360 degree cameras that are available. However, we still don’t have the camera that we need for this to hit the mainstream. This will require a relatively cheap 360 camera with a high enough quality to step into the photo, show proper 3D and have a very wide FOV. That doesn’t really exist right now, but it will very soon.

More large companies are stepping into this space, we’ve seen Samsung and LG play their cards, it’s expected that GoPro will soon announce a 360 degree camera rather than keep pushing their rigs, facebook and google may well come to the table. One of these companies will get this right and bring this to the masses.

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