Google Daydream VR

Daydream View Google Headset

Price: $79 / £69

Release date: November 2016.

Yesterday at the Google IO event, the search giant showed off their latest offerings including a new phone, a new home speaker like the Amazon Echo and their new VR platform called “Daydream”. Daydream will be built into Google’s new phones and is essentially a software platform to deliver better VR content. They’re currently integrating with Google photos so that you can display pictures and videos in VR right from your phone, as well as many other applications.


The Daydream headset is called “Daydream View” and is a huge upgrade from google cardboard and looks to be much closer to the Samsung Gear VR headset which we know and love. It is very lightweight, Google claim that it is 30% lighter than “similar” products on the market (which is tough to prove because “similar” can mean a pretty wide range) and is wrapped in material to make it look, well, cool.

It comes with a remote controller which apparently tracks movement and so can be used as a ‘wand’ in games and other applications. In addition, it tucks away neatly inside the headset after use so that you don’t use it.

Overall it looks a nice package and the price seems about right to me, it’ll be available to buy in the Google Store in November but it’s not clear if this is only in the US. We’ll get our hands on one soon and give it a full review.


For more, see the video below:

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