IMAX and Google Building VR Camera

One announcement from the Google I/O which you may have missed is that IMAX is partnering with Google to create a new cinema-grade 360 degree camera. This is a big step into Virtual Reality at the very high end for both companies. The camera is not going to be a consumer (or even a prosumer) product and we are unlikely to ever get to use one ourselves unfortunately, but the fact that there will be a camera fully dedicated to creating 360 degree cinema is very exciting. IMAX produced their first camera in 1976 and it remains the highest resolution camera in the world to this day, so we’re expecting something spectacular.

Google have a huge interest in VR becoming more main stream and IMAX are quickly moving into that area too. The Cinema chain are creating VR cinemas in a number of locations, starting in Los Angeles later this year and then expanding to five further locations globally. The idea here is that they can provide a high-end VR experience to people which is a big step up from what they can achieve at home. It will be interesting to see if these are successful and if they can generate content of a high enough quality to get punters to part with their cash for the experience.

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