Is Google Working on VR Cameras?

A Google VR / 360 degree Camera could be just the thing that we need to push the industry along. This week, RoadtoVR reported that Google are hiring people to work on VR hardware. They’re looking for a number of positions including:

  • VR Hardware Engineers
  • Electrical experts for VR
  • PCB designers for VR

This adds significant evidence to the rumours that Google are planning to create new VR hardware, many people are now speculating that Google are going to develop new Virtual Reality headsets – upgrading from Cardboard. This would make a lot of sense, with the Gear VR proving a big step up from Cardboard itself and with a number of other players about to enter the market, including Facebook via the Oculus Rift.

Currently, Google VR have 17 open job listings related to Virtual Reality. We know that they already have a fairly large team working in this area – so the sudden increase in team size indicates something big is happening in this area at the company.

But could Google be working on a camera? We know that they developed their camera system for Street View in-house. These Street View cameras have proven themselves to be fantastic at capturing images around the world. In fact, considering they are shot automatically and frequently from a moving car, the images are unbelievably good quality, when the subject is right, the photos can be staggering:

Google have also created 360 degree camera rigs before, the Google Jump is a beautiful example of a rig for go-pros, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to 360 cameras. I’d love to see a Google Camera coming onto the market place and shaking things up. They clearly know how to produce them and what is needed for high quality footage. Whether we’ll actually see one though is anyone’s guess at this point…come on Google, do we need another headset? Let’s do something different and make an amazing camera!


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