Microsoft to Launch $299 VR Headsets

Microsoft has announced it’s first major move into Virtual Reality with a range of VR Headsets which will start at $299.

In a step away from their previous moves into Augmented reality with the hololens, the MS VR Headsets will take advantage of Windows 10’s VR and holographic capabilities to deliver a “unique VR experience” to the end user.


Microsoft did not reveal many details of the products but did note that the $299 price will include inside out tracking sensors, which we have seen in headsets in the past. This is a big difference from the HTC Vive outside in tracking which is done with external cameras and of course there are benefits to both systems. Microsoft point to the fact that there is no need for camera positioning / set up and that you are more free to use these headsets wherever you wish.


Whilst we do not know if this is the final system being shown, the headsets that Microsoft displayed were wired systems, linked to a Windows 10 machine via a cable. This could limit some of that freedom that they have gained by using the inside out tracking system.


It’s an interesting move from Microsoft and one we’ll keep an eye on. The big question will be on the software front – will this mean a move by MS into the VR software industry, or will they look to leverage existing content?

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