Nokia Show Off Ozo Camera at Sundance

Nokia ozoThe Nokia Ozo $60,000 360 degree VR camera has had it’s first proper field trip. The tech company has taken their camera to the Sundance film festival in Utah to show it off to film executives and creatives.

We already knew that Facebook will be showing off oculus rift and Samsung will be there with the Gear VR, so it seems that this is the year that VR cameras and headsets will really land with Hollywood.

The Ozo will be showing off about the fact that it is the only camera that directors can live preview in full 360 video with live spatial audio. Surely two crucial elements for making “proper” VR films.

We also know that Nokia have been making content of their own to show off the Ozo, including a feature about NASA training and a live concert experience from the Ozo launch party back in November.

The Ozo should be selling from April, I can’t wait to see what it can produce!

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