Samsung Set To Release Gear VR Camera

Samsung is due to release a 360 degree VR Camera very soon according to Sammobile. We have been following rumours about this for the last few weeks, after Samsung filed applications under the “Gear 360” title, indicating some kind of 360 degree device was in the works, but Sammobile now claim that Samsung have confirmed that this is a 360 degree, Virtual Reality Camera.

The product is said to include two 180 degree fish eye lenses and apparently will pair with mobiles via the Gear application. Will it only be limited to working with Samsung phones? So far we don’t know, but that would seem to limit their market massively. For now all we know is that it will work with the upcoming Galaxy s7 phone.


Details are still coming through, but we’re expecting a full announcement at the Samsung Unpacked event on 21st February. What has been reported is:

“Maximum resolution seems to be 3840 x 1920 pixels when shooting in dual lens mode, or 1920 x 1920 pixels in single lens mode.”

Of course, we will keep you up to date with further information as it comes in but for now, the rest seems to be rumours.

This is another exciting step for VR cameras and would follow new offerings from Kodak with their PixPro 4K (which we’ll be reviewing very soon), Nikon’s keymission and others. We are starting to see a big step up in quality from the 2015 cameras such as the Theta offerings.

samsung gear cameraSamsung are investing heavily in Virtual Reality through their Gear range, the Gear VR headset is the best we’ve seen yet, you can read our review here. Adding their camera to this and continuing to develop their app offerings means that they really are putting a lot of money into this area. I just wonder if we might see a 360 degree camera on a Samsung mobile before too long…

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