Six Flags Create Virtual Reality Rides

Following on from some other theme parks in the UK which we reported on in the past, six flags is creating Virtual Reality experiences on a number of their rides in parks across the US. This is a large-scale move to VR from six flags which sees riders put on Gear VR Headsets to enjoy roller coasters with a twist. A press release noted:

“Whether you’re soaring through Metropolis on our SUPERMAN Virtual Reality Coasters or co-piloting a fighter jet on The New Revolution, this remarkable technology is a definite game-changer. The headsets allow guests 13 and older to enter a virtual world with high-resolution imagery and 360-degree views that synchronize to the action of the coaster in a totally new, one-of-a-kind experience.”

The rather cheesy video below shows how this works (no, it doesn’t really, I know – it makes it look horrible). My main concern though is still putting on a VR headset that 300 teenagers have used (and possibly vomited on) that day. Would you put on a Gear headset after hundreds of people had tried it out? Just seems a bit…disgusting.

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