Tiny VR Camera: Moka 360

Currently trending on crowd funding site Indiegogo is what claims to be the world’s smallest VR Camera. They’re already atalmost 400% funded at the time of writing and have certainly got some interesting ideas.

The Moka 360 camera is certainly small, it also features cool ideas such as a strong magnet on one side so you can ‘stick’ it to things instead of using a tripod. The company is clearly going after the ‘snapper’ market, people who want to make quick and easy 360 video and post it straight onto Facebook for viewing on a mobile. This is reflected in the relatively low specs of the product (for example it only shoots 2k video).

Stitching is performed in the camera to keep things simple, the case is waterproof to 40 meters and it can live stream to your phone.

Currently it’s available for only $99 for a limited time, here. Retail will be $199.

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