VR Horror Film 11:57

11:57 VR horrorToday I sat down to watch a 360 degree horror film on my Samsung Gear VR. I’m still a little disturbed.

11:57 is a short film shot in full 360 degrees with plenty of very nice horror special effects. It’s a high end production and it’s really nicely done, if you’re a fan of horror and have a VR viewer then you should check it out.

The film maker states that this is made specifically for Oculus, but this isn’t the case any more (it may have been at first), if you visit their website, here, you can find versions for PC, Mac, Android and IOS devices.

“11:57 is a virtual reality short horror film especially made for Oculus Rift, a leading technology company revolutionizing the way people experience film and video games.”

You can also grab it straight off the Google Play store, here.

For me it was a bit repetitive, but I guess it has to be when it’s a short with no real story, but it was eerie and certainly a scary experience, I felt quite pleased to take the headset off and be back in the real world.

Is this the future of horror? I think there’s a market for this – it adds a new dimension to the experience and it really left me wanting to play some horror VR games too.

So – if you have a VR headset and a smartphone I say check it out – it’s short and it’s free. Just don’t blame me if you have nightmares!

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