World’s First Virtual Reality Rollercoster

What is it: A roller coaster with a Virtual Reality experience added in.

Release Date: April 2016

Where: Alton Towers, UK

Alton towers today announced that they will be launching the world’s first virtual reality roller coaster. Called ‘Galactica’ this will be a full VR experience combined with a physical roller coaster. This has apparently been developed so that the twists and turns on the physical roller coaster will coinside with the same movements in VR, which should give the rider a very immersive experience.

Each rider will wear a virtual reality headset, which we assume will give a full field of view to the rider, allowing them to look around in all directions. The theme of the ride is outer space, with the rider experiencing a rocket launch and a journey into space itself. The rider will be in a prone position throughout the ride and the track length is 840 metres. In addition, alton towers confirmed that the G force experienced by the rider is actually greater than that of a real rocket launch.

Few other details were given, to find out more you’ll have to go to Alton Towers from April this year! This is another example of VR moving into more areas in 2016 and we’re sure this trend will continue, we will

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